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Unboxing September’s Apple Trunk: Odin’s Let’s Play with Apples

The package, with a cute heart padlock and lock sticker, arrived. Four-year-old Odin, my son, could hardly contain his excitement while waiting to open his very own, special, STEAMer Trunk!


The first thing Odin noticed was a letter from Ros and Newt on the front of the itinerary (12 pages jam-packed with activities, snack suggestions, book ideas, and more!). - Apple Trunk

Next, he grabbed all the items out of the box. Inside were foam apple leaf manipulatives, twelve felted magnetic apples, two wooden baskets, an apple-scented colored rice substrate sample, a worm and apple core (fulcrum and lever), a wooden apple lacing card, and an apple collector card. - Apple Trunk

After playing with the individual items for awhile, we decided it was time to put them in our bin and see what fun we could have! We decided to fill the bottom of our bin with some rolled oats and then pour in the scented rice. We liked seeing the speckles of colors throughout the bin as we played. Check out the slideshow below!

Let’s Play!

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Surprisingly, Odin picked up the worm and used it to stir the scented rice into the oatmeal. He also enjoyed separating all the apples into an ice tray by green and red, and the leaves by size. Odin learned about mixing, weight, sorting, and textures! Even better, we hadn’t even dived into all the fun activities in the itinerary yet!


It’s not too late! Get your apple-themed STEAMer Trunk at The Ship’s Hold, our store. Want to save between $8-13/month? Start your monthly subscription today.

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