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Announcing the January 2017 STEAMer Trunk Theme!

Ros and Newt are quite busy assembling all the STEAMer Trunks being shipped to their friends, but they knew they needed to make a brief appearance! It is time to announce the January 2017 STEAMer Trunk theme!

January 2017 STEAMer Trunk Reveal: I am an Author

The STEAMer Trunk Theme

STEAMer Trunk “I am an Author” encourages children to take ownership of their own skills and abilities. Families and caregivers can do a lot, even from birth, to assist children in building their writing and reading skills. This trunk, a complete sensory experience with many activities, will encourage preschoolers and early elementary students to:

◆ write or illustrate their own books

◆ practice letter formation

◆ experience polymers,

◆ develop fine motor skills,

◆ and more.


All of this while using seven senses to explore STEAM topics across early childhood developmental domains! The activity guide is packed with suggestions for

◆ hours of hands-on and play-based learning,

◆ STEAM demonstrations,

◆ literature,

◆ snacks,

◆ inquiry and reflection,

◆ and so much more.


Each STEAMer Trunk is carefully and thoughtfully curated by professionals for preschoolers and early elementary students.

The STEAMer Trunk Package

The items inside the package are a surprise! There are always at least 4-6 small thematic items to create a sensory scene in a sensory bin or container, 1 larger thematic item, 1 developmentally-appropriate toy, and a 10+ page activity’s guide. Children will delight to see what they’ve received once their STEAMer Trunk arrives at their door. A caveat for families and caregivers, though, the “I am an Author” package will not include a container used to construct the sensory scene. Children can use the mailer box, but we suggest that families or caregivers provide a seven quart or larger container. For convenience, we do provide a small sample amount of substrate in each STEAMer Trunk. However, you can also subscribe to receive four quarts of substrate each month that is appropriate for the theme of the monthly STEAMer Trunk!

Oh no! We didn’t subscribe in time!

Did the mail STEAMer ship leave port without you? We’re so sorry to hear that! We will have “I am an Author” trunks available for $26.95 plus shipping beginning on January 15 in The Ship’s Hold. In the meantime, you might consider subscribing using our month-to-month, 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month plan. With the subscription, each trunk costs between $19.99 and $24.95 with all shipping costs included.

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