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Now You Can See What’s Inside Our STEAMer Trunks Before You Buy!

Most people aren’t interested in buying sight unseen, so we’ve deconstructed a few past STEAMer Trunks for you. The below graphics will walk you through what is in each of our packages by using two different trunks. We’ll also explain more about the activity’s guide. While the theme changes each month, we stick within these guidelines:

1. Four to six small items to create a thematic scene

2. One larger thematic item

3. One therapeutic or fidget-style toy

4. One 10+ page activity’s guide

While we could describe each of those categories in a lot more detail (trust us, we put a lot of thought into this), let’s jump in with some examples instead.

Apple-Themed Trunk

Last September Ros and Newt sent out a trunk all about apples. It included the activity guide, a large thematic item (two baskets and twelve magnetic, felted apples), small items to create a thematic scene (scented rice substrate sample, leaf manipulatives, and a fulcrum and lever), and a therapeutic / fidget toy (lacing card). 

Northern Lights-Themed Trunk

In December, Ros and Newt were awed by the aurora borealis and brought a Northern Lights-themed trunk to all their friends. It included an activity guide, a large thematic item (glow-in-the-dark winter sleigh), small items to create a thematic scene (scented ‘snowball’ cotton balls, assorted regular and glitter pom poms, winter jewels, snowflakes, glow-in-the-dark stars, glowing LED ring, jingle bell garland, snowflake lantern and color-changing tea light), and a therapeutic / fidget toy (glittering snowman calm down jar).

Activity Guide

Within each activity’s guide are the following things:

1. A letter from Ros and Newt introducing the theme

2. Item table of contents with suggested retail value

3. An inquiry section to write down one question for further research

4. Suggested play activities with each of the trunk items

5. Open-ended questions within each suggested activity to further play

6. Introduction to STEAM concepts and vocabulary

7. More ideas on substrate and sensory bin additions

8. Two or more rhymes, songs, or fingerplays

9. At least five book suggestions

10. Healthy, themed snack suggestions

11. A sensory education section written by a licensed occupational therapist

12. A mini biography on someone related to STEAM

13. One or more activities relating back to the person in the biography and their life’s work

We hope that you find this helpful! As always, drop us a note if you have any questions.

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