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Tools? We’ve got ’em and you can too!

Value Tool Trunk

A few months back, we introduced our value tool trunk for only $14.95 which includes all the tools needed to explore your monthly STEAMer Trunk. This kit includes a scoop, magnet, dropper, tweezer, and magnifying lens.

STEAMer Trunks Value Tool Trunk at

Standard Tool Trunk

If you want to go one step further – you can purchase our standard tool trunk which has all the tools the deluxe kit has, and then some more! We updated the tweezers and added a net, horseshoe magnet, and eye loupe! This kit is only $19.95 and can be purchased here.

STEAMer Trunks Standard Tool Trunk at

Deluxe Tool Trunk

But, get this! Our deluxe tool trunk has even more! This kit includes a net, magnet wand, horseshoe magnet, scissor scoop, tweezer scoop, jumbo tweezer, chopsticks, eye dropper, eye loupe, magnifier, mini rake, mini shovel, mini scoop, mini bucket, and color paddles for only $29.95! Click here to get our best tool kit!

STEAMer Trunks Deluxe Tool Trunk at

Items in your basic tool kit may appear differently than the items pictured here, but they will always fulfill the same function.

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