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Announcement! Buy your STEAMer Trunks now at The Ship’s Hold

Ros and Newt have been working hard on their STEAMer Trunks, but they realized after processing incoming requests in the mail at their steamer ship that there was a lot more work that needed to be done. Their club members were asking for specific items outside of the subscription model they were using for their trunks. They turned to Captains Jen and Christa and asked them what they should do. Keep reading to get the subsequent announcement!

We started out our STEAMer Trunks journey on an e-commerce platform that was well known for subscription boxes. We were excited by it and threw ourselves into it. However, we quickly realized that there were some things we wanted to do and that others wanted us to do that just wasn’t possible on that platform. After a lot of thought and research, we made the decision to move our e-commerce efforts to a site that we could control and modify as we wanted. This gives us a lot more freedom to expand and put our efforts where it is important to us. We founded this in April 2016 and one of the first things we did was identify our mission and vision. 

Mission: STEAMer Trunks is a monthly subscription service providing educational and experiential activities for children developmentally aged three years to school age to strengthen their relationship with their seven senses and enhance their Science, Technology, Engineering, Art/Design, and Mathematics (STEAM) skills.

Vision: STEAMer Trunks looks to strengthen families and children by providing quality educational opportunities for physical, intellectual, and emotional growth, sustainably and ethically.

By expanding to this new e-commerce site, we are going to be able to:

(1) sell and gift PDF files

(2) expand our products to include one-time sales for items like sensory bin starter kits, starter tool kits, or other sensory processing-related products like weighted lovies

(3) add PDF lesson plans aligned with well-regarded standards so that educators and others could use the trunks in their classrooms

(4) create subscriber-only areas where some day we could add videos of the activities and experiments and additional content that was only available to those who paid for a 3+ month subscription during their subscription period

Choosing a name seemed like it took us a very long time. We still wanted the e-commerce site to be related to our STEAMer Trunks Club where people receive monthly packages from our characters Ros and Newt as they live and work in a late-1800s era mail steamer ship. But, we also wanted to be able to expand our offerings beyond just the STEAMer Trunks. Therefore, in keeping up with our story, we decided to name our e-commerce site The Ship’s Hold. This allows us to continue our story with our characters while also expanding out into other products. After all, Ros and Newt are merely stocking up in their Ship’s Hold with all these fantastic products!

We are thrilled that we can now offer even more content! As Jen mentioned, we can now sell and gift PDF files. What does this mean? Even more free content for you! There is a lot on your and our horizon to include extension activities and continual learning! Coming soon,  there will be PDFs in The Ship’s Hold that will be available for purchase (and sometimes for free!), extending the monthly STEAMer Trunk Club educational activities. As always, they will be related to early childhood education domains for ages three to school age and will be related to using one or more of our seven targeted senses and STEAM skills.

Excitingly, this new site has allowed us the freedom to create a whole new kit! Joining the tools kits (value, standard, and deluxe) is the new sensory bin starter kit which comes with the tools, bin, and substrate to fully explore any sensory bin theme! It connects perfectly with our STEAMer Trunk Club trunks as well.

In addition to more content and kit options, we have been connecting with some fantastic companies such as: Safari Ltd® (the makers of SafariPedia®SafariTopia®TOOBS®, and more),  Frontier Natural Products Co-op® (the makers of Aura Cacia®Simply Organic®Co-op Market®, and Fronteir Co-op®), Educator Resource (partners with Learning Resources®Dowling Magnets®The Critical Thinking Co.™, and so many more.), and Fun and Function. It doesn’t stop there! We are in the process of connecting with more companies to bring you even more value.

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