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Debating buying your very own monthly STEAMer trunk, eh? Want to know it’s a good choice? Well, we want to make sure that you find this service pleasant and fulfilling, so we’ve jotted down this list of trip amenities and options for you to aid in your decision.

If you already read the literature about our service, then you know the contents of your monthly STEAMer Trunk. But did you know that we do more? If you decide you want to receive trunks sent directly to you from our lovely mail steamer* for a period of three months, six months, or twelve months, you can pay upfront and receive a big discount! We figure just having your businessĀ is pretty stellar.

We wouldn’t be such a great STEAMer ship if we didn’t give you some optional add-ons to enrich your journey. We offer a value tool trunk, standard tool trunk, and deluxe tool trunk. These tool trunks deepen your experience with your STEAMer Trunk by providing all the fine motor and investigative instruments to explore the monthly theme without any extra effort on your part. Which instruments you get depend upon which tool trunk you purchase, but the basic categories include magnets, scoops, tweezers, eyedroppers, magnifiers, tongs, color paddles, and shovels.

We also have a substrate subscription option, or you can visit our store to purchase colored and scented rice substrate.

Check back soon for more information on our custom STEAMer Trunk sensory bin!


*Note. No mail steamer ships are actually involved. While we’re pretty amazing, we’re not quite thatĀ amazing.