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About the Trunk

Being a STEAMer is so much more than just being one of those fortunate individuals who gets a monthly surprise in the mail. STEAMers will get an entire experience. After receiving your trunk, you will open the lock to reveal the unique theme of the month. Once you’ve delighted over each thoughtfully-packaged item, you will get to act on the itinerary full of suggested activities with open-ended questions to guide your journey.

Each monthly STEAMer Trunk package will have:

  • four to six small items (“loose parts”) to create a unique thematic scene which may reflect on the current season or topic of interest in early childhood or STEAM
  • one larger thematic item
  • a therapeutic or fidget-style item that can be enjoyed long after the month is up
  • a multi-paged activity guide (called an itinerary)

Each itinerary will have:

1. A letter from Ros and Newt introducing the theme

2. Item table of contents with suggested retail value

3. An inquiry section to write down one question for further research

4. Suggested play activities with each of the trunk items

5. Open-ended questions within each suggested activity to further play

6. Introduction to STEAM concepts and vocabulary

7. More ideas on substrate* and sensory bin additions

8. Two or more rhymes, songs, or fingerplays

9. At least five book suggestions

10. Healthy, themed snack suggestions

11. A sensory education section written by a licensed occupational therapist

12. A mini biography on someone related to STEAM

13. One or more activities relating back to the person in the biography and their life’s work

Once all the activities in the itinerary have been completed with the contents of the STEAMer Trunk and other suggested items, children of the developmental age of three years to eight years will experience all seven of their senses, multiple early childhood domains of learning, and each of the STEAM topics.

Our procurement team intentionally selects the items included in each monthly package to cover a variety of different senses and topics. Items may be magnetic, visually appealing, textured, scented, interesting under magnification, able to be hidden under or in substrate, able to be placed inside of other items, used in practicing fine motor skills, or many other different categories! We take our time to make sure each package has a unique experience with many different approaches to learning.

NOTE: STEAMer trunks are intentionally designed to be applicable to a person with a developmental (not biological) age of three years and up. The activities from the itinerary may need a differing level of guidance from another individual, which could be minimal or more extensive depending on the activity.

We try very hard to find sustainable and eco-friendly products for inclusion in all of our product lines and are very purposeful about trying to find products that were made in the U.S.A. We can’t guarantee that every item will be eco-friendly, sustainable, or made in the U.S.A., but we can guarantee that we’ve done our best and we are open to any question you have on the products included in our trunks.


*Don’t want to source your own substrate? No problem! Sign up for the substrate add-on and we’ll ship it right to your door each month.